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Al Morow

Hanover Heritage Committee

Council adopted a bylaw in 2010 to form the "Hanover Heritage Committee". The role of the Committee includes the following objectives:

  • Develop heritage recommendations and advocate on behalf of Hanover Council.
  • Plan, develop and implement heritage related initiatives.
  • Inventory, research, document and preserve Hanover's cultural and social heritage.
  • Educate residents and visitors regarding Hanover's history and heritage.
  • Identify and document community physical heritage.
  • Liaise with and resource regional, provincial, national heritage organizations and programs.
  • Plan for the preservation and housing of Hanover's physical artifacts and heritage.

NEW!  Heritage Story Map

The Heritage Committee has documented the physical property inventory of over 30 Town properties deemed by the committee to be historically important.  Almost 80 properties have been identified by the committee to be documented and ‘tell the stories’ of the buildings for the awareness of future generations.  In partnership with the County of Grey, ‘Hanover Heritage Story Map’ was created to provide an interactive map with photos, locations and stories about our Town’s properties.  This story map will continue to evolve.

 Sit back and enjoy this virtual tour of Hanover’ past!  Click the link above to go to the Hanover Heritage Story Map

Heritage Display at P & H Centre

Our Heritage Committee is looking forward to creating rotating displays in the new cases at the P & H Centre. The new displays cases have been a project of our Committee to provide an opportunity to share Hanover’s artifacts, photos and history with our residents and visitors. Our Committee has some wonderful treasures to share that provide a glimpse into our Town’s past.

Windows in Time

The popular posters displayed in downtown businesses during Homecoming can now be viewed online.

Click here to view the online Windows in Time flipbook!

The online Windows in Time album includes all the posters that feature wonderful historical photos of the business location and a list of businesses that existed from building inception to present. The posters initiated many conversations and memories during Homecoming!

For more information regarding Heritage Committee initiatives, please contact the Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture at 519.364.2310 x 123 or email

Building Recognition Signs 

Launched in September 2017, the Heritage Committee has identified various properties to be considered for a Hanover Heritage Committee building recognition sign.  This is a Town recognition sign and provides awareness about the building’s history that must date back a minimum of 75 years and have been important in Hanover’s history.  The Heritage Committee shall identify buildings and provide the information regarding the property’s date of construction, original owner and the owner’s occupations.  In partnership with the building owner, the sign will be provided and installed on the exterior of the building.  Many of the properties that will have a building recognition sign are featured in the Hanover Heritage Story Map.

A Brief History of Hanover: “It is good for us to be here.”