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Facade Incentive Program


The Hanover Downtown Revitalization Implementation Committee (DTRIC) is excited to announce a fifth intake of the popular Façade Incentive Program that includes a new public art incentive.

Launched in 2014, the Façade Incentive Program has supported a diverse and creative range of projects that have made a significant contribution to the vibrancy of our Downtown. The Town of Hanover has invested $215,389 into the grant incentive program that has resulted in $755,022 in improvements to Downtown properties. Through all four intakes, a 3:1 private to public investment has been made with a majority of the money being retained in the community.

To continue the objective to improve the appearance of downtown properties and therefore aid in the overall visual impact of our Downtown, a new public art incentive has been introduced. Public art is an important element of façade composition that is often overlooked. The intent is to encourage the inclusion of art programming such as mural work, sidewalk art, commemoration and custom site amenities.

DTRIC will kick-off and support this new inclusion by undergoing their own public art mural project when we update the large Hanover mural that faces Heritage Square.

MEDIA RELEASE - July 17, 2018

Hanover Approves Downtown Facade Incentive Projects for 5th Intake - Now Incorporating Public Art

Hanover, ON - Hanover Council approved a staff recommendation Monday night to grant funding for 7 Downtown Façade Incentive Projects that now incorporates a motivation to include public art. The Town of Hanover’s Façade Incentive Program (FIP) was launched in 2014 and has seen an investment of $215,389in grants from the municipality resulting in $755,022in improvements to downtown properties.

The Downtown Revitalization Implementation Committee (DTRIC) is responsible for implementing and facilitating downtown revitalization efforts and has been recognized for the Public-Private Partnership when they won an Ontario Economic Development Award for the program.

DTRIC once again carefully considered applications for the fifth intake and awarded $25,571.85 in funding for an overall investment of $56,933.25 into downtown improvements.

Congratulations to the following businesses who were approved for façade upgrades and public art installments during the fifth intake of the Façade Incentive Program:




Saugeen Artists Guild – Downtown Street Banner Project


Giddy Goblin, 323 10th St.


Little Ones Boutique, 322 10th St.


Treasures Delight / Simply Lovely, 254 10th St.


Launch Pad – Downtown Parkette Art Project


Blakes Memories of Muskoka, 315 10th St.


Johnny K Sports, 305 10th St.


Funding of this program was enhanced utilizing the Main Street Revitalization Initiative grant.

We congratulate the recipients of the Façade Incentive Program and look forward to seeing these diverse and creative improvements that will contribute to the visual and structural vibrancy of our downtown.

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Town of Hanover 
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