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Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan


Hanover Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan - full document click here.

Public Meeting & Workshop #2 - April 17, 2018. Workshop presentation slides may be viewed here.

Public Meeting & Workshop #1 - February 15, 2018. Workshop presentation slides may be viewed here.

In July 2018, Council approved the Hanover Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan. The consulting firm, prc solutions, facilitated the various phases of the master plan process that began in November 2017.

The document sets out a vision, strategic objectives and key initiatives for the next 15 years, 2019 – 2032. There are 20 objectives and suggested initiatives that have been identified in the principal themes of Healthy Community, Regional Centre and Sustainable Municipal Operations.

Some of the components of master plan are as follows:

  • Focus on recreation and culture programming needs for all age groups (adult, seniors, tots and youth);
  • Focus on regional hub quality of facilities and programs;
  • Increase facility utilizations across all facilities – indoor and outdoor;
  • Provide support and enhance community partnerships with program service and facility providers throughout the community;
  • Develop policies to standardize municipal processes;
  • Develop standardized operating and service levels for indoor and outdoor facilities; and
  • Improve communications and marketing strategies for all programs and facilities.

The master plan process reinforced that Hanover’s parks, recreation and culture facilities and programs are highly valued by residents and non-residents alike. Maintaining publicly funded and accessible sustainable parks, recreation and culture municipal operations is key to community wellbeing, which is also linked to the Town’s economic vibrancy. The master plan will guide our Department’s delivery of programs and services over the next 15 years.

 Staff contact for the Master Plan is Sherri Walden |  | 519.364.2310 x 2123