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Community Trail - Limited Access


Thank you for the inquiries received regarding the trails access at 7th Street and Revera.

As a result of the winter thaw flooding and significant rain event, the bridge access at Revera has been displaced and is not safe to use at this time.  As conditions have improved, the bridge is scheduled to be reset on June 7th, weather permitting.  Once it is reset, there will be some repairs required on either side and then we should be able to re-open this access. 

The 7th Street trails access stairs have also been closed due to unsafe conditions.  Unfortunately, an erosion issue was identified that has undermined the stairs and railing.  This was discovered when we were planning to have the stairs replaced.  We are currently waiting for the required approval from SVCA to start the work, which includes slope repair and installation of new stairs.

We know that this has been an inconvenience for our trails users and we apologize for the delays.  We will keep you advised as to when the access points will be safe to use again.  Thank you for your patience.