Emergency Services Facility Review Committee Vacancy


The Council of the Town of Hanover has established an ad hoc committee to conduct a preliminary review and assessment of existing fire, police and ambulance facilities and to provide options that will meet current and future emergency service facility needs in Hanover.

Applications are currently being accepted for public appointments to the Facility Review Committee. Interested residents/electors of the Town of Hanover who are at least 18 years of age are asked to submit their application clearly marked “EMS Facility Review Committee” no later than July 31st at 4:30pm, to Vicki McDonald, 341 10th Street, Hanover ON N4N 1P5, or by email to civic@hanover.ca.

The application form and Terms of Reference are available on the Town’s website at hanover.ca/boards-and-committees or by contacting Vicki McDonald at 519.364.2780 x 1231 | civic@hanover.ca.