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Hanover Facade Incentive Program Opens Fifth Intake and Includes a New Public Art Component


Media Release
March 15, 2018

Hanover, ON - The Hanover Downtown Revitalization Implementation Committee (DTRIC) is excited to announce a fifth intake of the popular Façade Incentive Program that includes a new public art incentive.

Launched in 2014, the Façade Incentive Program has supported a diverse and creative range of projects that have made a significant contribution to the vibrancy of our Downtown. The Town of Hanover has invested $215,389 into the grant incentive program that has resulted in $755,022 in improvements to Downtown properties. Through all four intakes, a 3:1 private to public investment has been made with a majority of the money being retained in the community.

To continue the objective to improve the appearance of downtown properties and therefore aid in the overall visual impact of our Downtown, a new public art incentive has been introduced. Public art is an important element of façade composition that is often overlooked. The intent is to encourage the inclusion of art programming such as mural work, sidewalk art, commemoration and custom site amenities.

DTRIC will kick-off and support this new inclusion by undergoing their own public art mural project when we update the large Hanover mural that faces Heritage Square. A Request for Proposals for this project can be found at

Application and guidelines are available online atçade-grant and at the Hanover Civic Centre (341 10th St., Hanover ON N4N 1P5).

Application Deadline: May 31, 2018. 

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For more information contact: 

April Marshall
Economic Development Manager
519.364.2780 x 1253