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Hanover Launches Service Delivery Review


April 21, 2017

Hanover Launches service delivery review with goal of improving efficiency, services to community.

Hanover – The Town of Hanover has launched a service delivery review to closely look at the levels and types of services the municipality provides to the community.  The review, which will take place throughout 2017, will equip Council with the information it needs to make well-informed decisions around the provision of services, with the underlying goals of reducing costs, creating efficiencies, and enhancing a culture of continuous improvement in the local government.

“From time to time, it’s important that we undertake these types of service delivery reviews to ensure we’re being responsive to the needs of our community, as well as ensuring taxpayer dollars are wisely spent,” said Brian Tocheri, Chief Administrative Officer and Clerk for Hanover.  “The Council of the Town of Hanover is committed to delivery of quality public services, facilities and infrastructure. Over the next few months, we’ll be working with staff from each service area to ensure that’s happening and identifying ways to improve.”

A key part of the service delivery review will also include community engagement and the opportunity to hear first-hand from residents, and those in the surrounding communities who work, shop and enjoy recreation in Hanover.  More details on this engagement process will be released in the coming weeks.

“As a small municipality, my Council colleagues and I know it’s particularly important to ensure we’re being responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars,” said Mayor Sue Paterson.  “This review will help us continue to do that, and as our population grows and changes, it will also help us to ensure we’re being responsive in developing and adjusting services to meet those needs.”

 About Hanover

Located in Grey County on the Saugeen River, the Town of Hanover is a thriving community with a population of approximately 7,650, and is a business and recreational hub for the wider community.


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Brian Tocheri, CAO/Clerk