Hanover Looks Ahead Towards a New Strategic Plan


The Town of Hanover is in the process of reviewing and updating its 2015 Strategic Plan. Winegard Consulting has been contracted to assist with this work. To date, a series of council and senior management interviews and workshops have been held.

The strategic plan review includes public engagement through surveys and focus group discussions. A hard copy of the public survey was forwarded to 400 randomly selected Hanover residents. The same survey was accessed by all residents of Hanover via an online link that concluded on July 31, 2019.

Hanover is proud to be a progressive town with many present day and future opportunities. Steady progress has been made year by year and input given to this survey will help shape the focus for the Town for future years.

Mayor Sue Paterson is encouraging all residents to have their say by completing the survey. As Mayor Paterson explains, “You elected Council to play a leadership role. We recognize our responsibility to plan for the future and to maintain our progress. But of course, money and time are always limited. We need to first identify what’s most important, so we can then act in a way that is most effective and most responsible.”


Summary of Survey Results 

Hanover Looks Ahead - Online Survey Results

Hanover Looks Ahead - Randon Survey Results