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MEDIA RELEASE: Hanover’s Non-Resident Use of Parks, Recreation and Culture Services Policy Withdrawn



August 9, 2016

RE: Hanover’s Non-Resident Use of Parks, Recreation and Culture Services Policy Withdrawn

During its 2015 strategic planning exercise, the Town of Hanover identified the objective of reviewing its current Non-Resident Use of Parks, Recreation and Culture Services Policy (non-resident fee policy). Council wished to explore what implications the policy is having for the community, if it is still relevant in its current form, and how the policy may be revised to meet the needs of facility users, the community, and the corporation.

The review involved an extensive community consultation process. A total of 10 focus group discussions, representing 28 stakeholder groups, were held between April 20 and May 26, 2016. In order to capture the input of residents and non-residents who were not part of the focus group discussions and who form the basis of the users of Hanover services, an on-line survey was developed and posted online between the period of May 30 and June 20. 507 surveys were completed.

On August 8, 2016, Council approved staff recommendations to eliminate the non-resident fee policy, in its current form, for programs, registrations, or facility rentals that commence September 1, 2016 or thereafter. All non-resident fees collected by Hanover user groups for programs that commenced prior to September 1 will be payable under the terms of the current policy. Council also approved measures to address the loss of non-resident fee revenues for 2016 and beyond ensuring residential taxes would not be impacted by this decision.  

Residents will maintain the five-business day registration window prior to non-resident registration. For the purposes of early registrations, the definition of “resident” will be expanded to include owners of businesses in Hanover who lease or rent their premises.

Mayor Sue Paterson stated, “This was an important decision for Council to demonstrate our role and appreciation as a regional centre. Thank you to everyone who felt the issue was important enough to become engaged in this process”.

Non-residents are asked to disregard the non-resident fee and consider the resident charge only in the upcoming Recreation Guide launching August 18.


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