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Non-Resident User Fees Review Survey


About the Survey

During its 2015 strategic planning exercise, the Town of Hanover identified the objective of reviewing its current Non-Resident Use of Parks, Recreation and Culture Services Policy (non-resident policy). Council wishes to explore what implications the policy is having for the community, if it is still relevant in its current form, and how the policy may be revised to meet the needs of facility users, the community, and the corporation.

The information you provide in this survey will contribute to a greater understanding of local and non-local opinions on this policy.


Purpose of the Review:

The Non-Resident User Fees Review will provide Hanover’s council with the necessary information to make decisions on the policy.

Specifically, the Review will:

  1. Assess and analyze the impact non-resident surcharges have had on the Town of Hanover, its residents, facilities and user groups, as well as on non-residents since the policy’s implementation from a cost-recovery, social, political, and economic development perspective;
  2. Ensure that the policy of non-resident user fee surcharges is not precluding or diminishing services use to a detrimental extent;
  3. Make recommendations to address negative impacts and identify opportunities with respect to the non-resident policy; and
  4. Simplify the system of user fees administration since a complicated system just wastes resources.


Background to the Policy:

The non-resident fee policy was put in place in February 2008 following failed attempts to develop cost sharing agreements with neighbouring municipalities which would support the use of Hanover services by their respective residents. Council did not want Hanover residents to “unreasonably subsidize non-resident service use, whose property taxes contribute zero dollars towards the services accessed.”

Prior to amalgamation, Hanover had a cost sharing arrangement with the former Brant Township and Bentinck Township. In return for the annexation of 925 acres of land, recreation grants from the former Bentinck were eliminated and the residents would be exempt from non-resident fees forever effective January 1, 2000. Following amalgamation, a considerable amount of time and energy was given to attempting to reach cost sharing agreements with Brockton and West Grey to no avail. During 2007, Brockton and West Grey councils received formal requests from Hanover for mutually acceptable cost sharing agreements. Both councils ultimately passed motions not to enter into a cost sharing agreement for recreation serviceswith Hanover.

In October 2007, the Hanover Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee recommended council approve the proposed non-resident use of parks, recreation and culture services policy. The basic premise of the policy was that “non-residents should not unjustly benefit from the property taxes paid by Hanover residents and/or property owners that fund these services.” The policy was implemented in February 2008. It has been in existence since.

Residents are defined as “persons residing in the Town of Hanover and/or persons owning property within Hanover; whereas non-residents of Hanover shall be defined as persons not residing in or not owning property within Hanover.”

Non-resident users are subject to a surcharge of 25% of the service registration fee to a maximum of $37.70 and a 25% surcharge for facility rentals. The surcharge amount has not changed since 2008.


Please follow the link below to complete the ten question survey. Thank you!