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Chief Knoll

The Hanover Police Service is a municipal police service accountable to our citizens and to the visitors of our community to provide efficient and effective community-based policing. The Hanover Police Service is overseen by the Hanover Police Services Board.

The Board will be preparing its Business Plan for the next three years and wants to know what you think of the Hanover Police Service and what policing in Hanover should look like.  Click on the link below to complete the survey.

The Hanover Police Service has fifteen full-time uniform members comprising of a Chief of Police, Inspector (vacant), two Sergeants and twelve Police Constables. There are two part-time Police Constables and three Auxiliary Police Constables. The uniform members are assigned to general patrol duties. These duties include a full range of criminal investigations, drug investigations, provincial statute and by-law enforcement, general deterrence of criminal activity and community/school education programs. The Hanover Police Service has two civilian members consisting of a Records Manager and an Administrative Secretary.