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What is Youth Roots?
"Youth Roots" is a team of community members and agencies from Hanover and surrounding area. We believe that every youth should be safe, healthy and valued. We are committed to ensuring the best possible life chances for all youth by supporting families, by building assets and by mobilizing our community. We coordinate activities that encourage positive development and provide meaningful opportunities for youth.

To help every youth in our community to be safe, healthy, valued and equipped with life skills.


  • Youth Friendly Business Designation Program
  • Positive Ticketing Program in partnership with Hanover Police Service
  • Youth Roots Banquet
  • Support and assist with youth events for Hanover's Sights & Sounds Festival and Homecoming 2014
  • Sponsor of the Annual Youth Award for the Town of Hanover
  • Support IMPACT! Teens group and help plan various activities for youth in the community

Did you know...  the Town of Hanover is currently recognized as a Youth Friendly Community, Gold Status by Play Works, a Government of Ontario Partnership for active and engaged youth?

Youth Roots has plans to help the Town of Hanover reach PLATINUM status as a Youth Friendly Community.

Thank you Trillium Mutual Insurance for the generous ROOTS Community Fund donation. This donation will go towards audio-visual equipment so that Youth Roots and IMPACT! Teens can continue to spread youth voice in the community.


What is IMPACT! Teens?

IMPACT! Teens is a group of Hanover youth who are interested in advocating for youth well-being in the Town of Hanover.  They will be the leaders and voice of youth to the decision makers within the community, so that programming, plans and policies being developed will benefit and support youth well-being in the Town of Hanover.

What does IMPACT! Teens do?

The IMPACT! Teens group will assess the Town of Hanover on its current state of youth well-being based on the 20 priority outcomes from the Government of Ontario’s Stepping Up:  A Strategic Framework to Help Ontario’s Youth Succeed document.  The group will then discuss strengths/weaknesses within the town, and develop an action plan to promote and increase youth well-being.  The group will then present and partner with local decision makers to implement youth initiated plans into programs and policy.  The decision makers that IMPACT! Teens will hope to reach exist in the following sectors:  business, arts & culture, recreation, school, volunteer, faith-based, government and environment.

The IMPACT! Teens group will receive leadership and health promotion training, and will meet twice a week for two hours for eight weeks during the summer.  During this time, the group will discuss the current state of Hanover’s youth well-being and brainstorm approaches for improvement.

Why is IMPACT! Teens important?

All too often, plans, policies and programs are developed FOR youth well-being without youth input.  Unfortunately, when this happens it often leads to a lack of participation by the youth and a lack of effectiveness.  IMPACT! Teens is important because this group of teen leaders will provide a youth voice to decision makers which will promote and encourage youth well-being in the Town of Hanover.

Youth Roots Membership

Youth Roots of Hanover & Area is seeking new members to join our Steering Committee.  The Youth Roots Steering Committee provides a vision for the future of Youth Roots, while supporting and providing direction to the Youth Roots Coordinator. The committee supports a youth voice by advocating for youths’ interests to community leaders.

Are you interested in supporting youth in the community?  Please consider becoming a member of the Youth Roots Steering Committee.

Youth Roots Steering Committee Membership Information