Downtown Revitalization


Downtown Parking Sign

The Town of Hanover has identified Downtown Revitalization as a strategic priority and works closely with the Downtown Improvement Association and the Chamber of Commerce to maintain and grow the vibrancy of our downtown, the social and economic centre of our community.

The Downtown Revitalization Committee, comprised of residents and downtown business owners, was appointed in the fall of 2011 and given the task to guide the revitalization planning process on behalf of Hanover Council. The process included contracting planning expertise specific to small town redevelopment. The Planning Partnership of Toronto was contracted and the Committee was excited to have worked with a firm with such a depth of experience working with rural Ontario downtown revitalization projects. The team of consultants includes; land use planner, landscape architect, transportation and traffic consultant, and marketing strategy consultant.

Today, the Downtown Revitalization Implementation Committee (DTRIC) works to implement the recommendation of the Downtown Community Improvement Plan.

  • DTRIC Members
    Alison Greenaway-Coates, JD Lyons, Judy Hribar, Sue Tipper and Hazel Pratt-Paige (Council Representative). Staff members include April Marshall, Don Tedford and Brian Tocheri.

What's New?

The fourth and final scheduled intake of the Façade Incentive Program (FIP) has now been completed. DTRIC once again carefully considered the applications received for the fourth intake of the Façade Incentive Program in addition to proposing a continuation of the program that will see a new public art component included. 

Like all past improvements, the projects from the fourth intake are diverse, creative, and located throughout downtown Hanover. Launched in 2014, the FIP has had a total investment of $215,389 from the Town of Hanover resulting in $755,022 in improvements to downtown properties. Through all four intakes, a 3:1 private to public investment has been made with a majority of the money being retained in the community.

DTRIC wishes to continue to implement the recommendations of the Downtown Community Improvement Plan and recognize the significant economic benefits of the FIP by extending the program for a fifth intake that will incorporate and promote a new element, public art.

Public Art is an important element of façade composition that is often overlooked. Banners and murals are the most common examples of public art incorporated into facades. Other potential improvements include accessibility, awnings, signage, shutters, lighting, building material, seasonal adornment and sidewalk retailing.

DTRIC will kick-off and support this new inclusion by undergoing their own public art mural project by updating the large mural that faces Heritage Square in 2018.

Downtown Hanover Streetscape Plan

Key Initiaitves

  • Facade Incentive Program
  • Streetscape Summer
  • Mural Projects
  • Downtown Parkette
  • Free Parking Signage