Economic Development

Things are HIPP in Hanover!  See Hanover's Innovative People Program, our retention and attractions campaign that infuses creativity, culture and business. 

As a regional centre in Grey County, Hanover prides itself on being a progressive and vibrant community. A hub for services surrounded by a rural landscape, Hanover attracts creative minds to volunteer, participate and work, open small businesses, and build lives in our community. 

Economic success over the past two decades has led to a growing population and a diverse business base. From its beginning, Hanover has been a dynamic town, fueled by a rich history. This dynamism is felt on the streets of Hanover today where values are shifting from an old economy to a town with a growing cultural and creative industry and a new generation of engaged residents and leaders of all ages that are building Hanover into a creative community in Western Ontario. 

With people having more of a growing interest in the digital workforce, Hanover is well positioned as a Gig community to allow the freedom for people to unplug from urban cities and give them an incredible opportunity that fits their ideal work-life balance. 

Home to a vibrant downtown, an array of attractions, dining options, shopping and amenities, including exceptional recreational, cultural, educational and employment opportunities that all contribute to a fantastic quality of life. Our Entertainment District provides legendary experiences that includes the newly developed Playtime Casino, live harness racing every Saturday and lots of family-friendly events and activities at the P&H Centre. 

Discover more Hanover where creative individuals can grow their opportunities, where small businesses can thrive, and where our youth are engaged and supported to build their dreams in the region that they grew up in. 

Hanover Community Profile

A progressive & vibrant community. Learn more about living and doing business in Hanover.

HIPP Hanover

HIPP Culture

Welcome to our Cultural matchmaker quiz. No, it’s not a dating site, per se. It is, however, a fun way to match your personality type with the cultural attractions within and surrounding Hanover.

HIPP Lifestyle

Yes, this is Hanover! As regional centre in Grey County, Hanover prides itself on being a progressive and vibrant community. A hub for services surrounded by a rural landscape, within 90 minutes to major urban centres. It's a great place to be!

HIPP Apprentice

An apprenticeship can skyrocket your chances at having a great career. Hanover is a huge advocate of youth in apprenticeship programs and is working hard to support you and your interest in skilled trades.

HIPP Entrepreneur

Are you finding yourself dreaming more about the business you’ve always wanted to start? What’s holding you back? Hanover embraces people with big ideas and has super friendly programs that understand and respect the spirit of you, the entrepreneur.


Saugeen Connects

Learn more about this collaborative between 7 municipalities and the Saugeen Economic Development Corporation that positively impacts economic growth in our area.


Women of Wellington Saugeen Area (WOWSA) aims to inspire, empower and connect women in business in the County of Wellington and Saugeen River region in Ontario by providing creative education and networking events.

Launch Pad Skills Training & Technology Centre

As a community hub we create opportunities for young people to explore their curiosity, discover their interests, and enhance their skills through training programs and partnerships.