History & Heritage

Hanover Heritage Committee

The role of the Committee includes the following objectives:

  • Develop heritage recommendations and advocate on behalf of Hanover Council.
  • Plan, develop and implement heritage related initiatives.
  • Inventory, research, document and preserve Hanover's cultural and social heritage.
  • Educate residents and visitors regarding Hanover's history and heritage.
  • Identify and document community physical heritage.
  • Plan for the preservation and housing of Hanover's physical artifacts and heritage.

The Heritage Committee has documented the physical property inventory of over 30 Town properties deemed by the committee to be historically important.  Almost 80 properties have been identified by the committee to be documented.  In partnership with the County of Grey, ‘Hanover Heritage Story Map’ was created to provide an interactive online historical platform to tell the stories about our Town’s properties.  This story map will continue to evolve.

 Sit back and enjoy this virtual tour of Hanover’ past!  Click the link above to go to the Hanover Heritage Story Map