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Our 2025 Vision Statement.......We are a progressive community where residents of all ages enjoy safe, healthy  lifestyles, meaningful employment, excellent services and personal fulfillment. We support growth while respecting and celebrating our heritage; enhancing our downtown; protecting our natural resources; and welcoming all to a friendly, caring, inclusive and supportive community. Our community is committed to good government, effective and efficient management and maintenance of municipal services, productive partnerships and collaborating with our local businesses and municipal neighbours to build local economies and community services for our mutual benefit.

We hope you find this information timely and valuable. Please consider the statistics a living resource that will be updated regularly and enhanced as we go. If there is anything else we can assist with, please do not hesitate to reach us at Thank you.


View the EmployerOne Survey. Conducted for the sixth time in January 2020 in the four county region, which includes the counties of Bruce, Grey, Huron, and Perth. In total, 421 businesses responded to the survey; 341 businesses completed all questions and 80 businesses completed some of the questions in the survey. These business respondents continue to provide valuable insights into changes in the local labour market.