Event Development Fund



The Town of Hanover and its Cultural Roundtable values the important role that Hanover not-for-profit community organizations and private enterprise play in delivering special events and initiatives that support our community and promote cultural activity and tourism. The Cultural Roundtable Event Development Program provides funding aimed at enabling Hanover not-for-profit community organizations and private enterprise to plan, develop and implement community development, based special events and initiatives. The special events and initiatives should meet local needs, positively promote Hanover, support economic development, involve, and empower local people and have an aim of sustainability. This fund provides an opportunity to do more than just financially support a special event and initiative and is intended to facilitate the provision of ongoing benefits to the community.


Requested amounts for the grant incentive should accurately reflect the cost of the associated activity(s) to start or enhance a special event or initiative, outside of the amount invested by other grants or sponsorships. A maximum grant amount is set at 25% of the overall expense budget, to a maximum of $2,500 per application and per organization on an annual basis. 

For clarity, the following guide will be used to determine the grant amounts:

Total Expense Budget

Maximum Grant










Funding is made available through the Cultural Roundtable to eligible organizations through a competitive process. The total amount available each year is approved by council as part of the annual budget process.     


Applications can be submitted as follows:


Special Events & Initiatives Occurring

Decision Communicated to Applicant By

April 14, 2023

May to August 2023

May 5, 2023

August 11, 2023

September to
December 2023

September 8, 2023

A committee of the Economic, Tourism and Cultural Development Advisory Committee will review the applications to ensure applicants meet eligibility and established criteria for approval.



Special events and initiatives should be developed using a high degree of participation and engagement with community during the planning and development stages. Partnerships between organizations to deliver events and projects are strongly encouraged.

In-kind funding from organizations applying and partnering organizations is also encouraged. Special consideration will be given to ensuring all identified categories are represented:

  • Partnership and Collaboration Projects such as marketing programs and related materials, awareness/educational campaigns, etc.
  • Community Enhancement / Beautification such as public art, horticulture initiatives, etc.
  • Civic Pride / Awareness
  • Special Events - Establishment of NEW events
  • GROWING existing events

Financial Statements must be provided including proposed special event or initiative budget. Applications submitted without the required financial statements will be deemed incomplete and not eligible for funding.


The special event or initiative must meet the following objectives or priorities:

  • Tie into applicable strategic plans, Cultural Plan or Economic Development objectives
  • Detail how use of the funds will establish a new event or initiative or clearly define how use of the funds will grow an existing event or initiative.
  • Clearly define the marketing plan and contribute a minimum of 15% of the overall event budget to marketing and advertising.


The following are example special event or initiatives that may be considered for funding:

  • New special events (festivals) held in the Town of Hanover and are accessible to the public.
  • Events and promotions to promote visitation and tourism.
  • Children’s performance series.
  • Create audio or virtual walking historical tours.
  • Song-writing or book reading events.
  • Collaborate with businesses for a special tour or promotion.
  • Collaborate with other organizations.
  • Garden or historic home tours.
  • Clean-up days or rehabilitation projects of community spaces.
  • Networking events.
  • Promotion of the arts (including public art), live arts, exhibitions, local food and culture.


  • Special events and initiatives must be covered by liability insurance. A Certificate of Insurance is to be submitted upon approval.
  • Approved special events and initiatives shall identify the Town of Hanover’s HIPP Culture campaign as a sponsor by including the logo on print and electronic publications and other applicable sources of recognition.
  • Approved special events and initiatives will be required to complete a funding agreement and submit final report upon completion of event or initiative to receive final funding payment.
  • Approved special events and initiatives will receive 50% of approved funding at time of approval. The remaining 50% will be conditional upon receiving completed final report.


Hanover not-for-profit community organizations and private enterprise may apply for funding to deliver special events and initiates in the Town of Hanover. This grant doesn’t support fundraising initiatives or organizations that already receive a form of municipal funding to operate.


A final report on the outcome of the special event or initiative is required (highlighting attendance, community engagement, future of the event or project, etc.).

Download fillable Event Development Fund Application Package