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Call 226-910-1001 to reserve your ticket or book online (link below).

All rides must be booked in advance to ensure capacity and safety.

Face coverings are required to ride GTR buses as directed by the province of Ontario.

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Grey Transit Route Schedules


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  • Route 1 & 2 Highway 10 Owen Sound to Orangeville
  • Route 3 & 4 Highway 26 Owen Sound to Town of Blue Mountains
  • Route 5 Highway 6 Owen Sound to Wiarton
  • Route 6 Grey Road 4 Flesherton to Walkerton




Senior or Student

Child 5 and Under

Highway 10 - Owen Sound to Orangeville




Highway 26 - Owen Sound to Town of the Blue Mountains




Highway 6 - Owen Sound to Wiarton




Grey Road 4 - Flesherton to Walkerton




 Payment Options 

Payment can be made Online by:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Credit Card
  • Ticket/Coupon Code

Payment can be made over the Phone by:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Credit Card
  • Ticket/Coupon Code
  • Cash *beginning March 29th, 2021*

riders wishing to pay by Cash must book their ride over the phone at 226-910-1001. 


Route 6 Westbound (Flesherton to Walkerton)

ROUTE 6 WESTBOUND (Flesherton / Durham - Walkerton)

  Monday and Friday

Flesherton Arena

103 ON-10, Flesherton


8:05 AM


12:41 PM


5:04 PM

Durham Credit Union

118 Queen St. S. Durham

8:29 AM

1:05 PM

5:25 PM

Hanover Municipal Office | Civic Centre

341 10th St. Hanover

8:50 AM

1:26 PM

5:46 PM

Downtown Walkerton

306 Scott St. Walkerton


9:03 AM


1:39 PM


5:59 PM


Route 6 Eastbound (Walkerton to Flesherton)

ROUTE 6 EASTBOUND (Walkerton - Durham / Flesherton)

  Monday and Friday

Downtown Walkerton

306 Scott Street


7:03 AM


9:07 AM


1:43 PM


6:03 PM

Hanover Municipal Office | Civic Centre 

341 10th St. Hanover

7:20 AM

9:24 AM

2:00 PM

6:20 PM

Durham Credit Union

118 Queen St. S., Durham 

7:41 AM

9:45 AM

2:21 PM

6:41 PM

Flesherton Arena

103 ON-10, Flesherton


8:01 AM


10:05 AM


2:41 PM


7:01 PM

For accessible rides please call 226-910-1001 or email to book your ride. Rides must be booked 2 days in advance to ensure the appropriate vehicle is scheduled to meet the needs of each unique rider. 

These parking spaces are offered by our GTR partners. It is the responsibility of the riders to ensure their vehicle is parked safely in a designated location. Riders are responsible for abiding by all signage and parking lot regulations.

Route 6

Stop Location

Parking Location

Flesherton & District Arena

103 ON-10, Flesherton, ON N0C 1E0

Durham Credit Union

No parking available at Durham Credit Union
Parking is available at
Riverside Park
Queen St S, Durham, ON N0G 1R0

Hanover Municipal Office

No parking available at Hanover Municipal Office
Parking is available at 342 10th Street, rear lot

Downtown Brockton (Walkerton)

306 Scott St, Walkerton, ON, N0G 2V0

Find out how to ride the GTR, how to connect with other transportation services, and how to get in touch with us.  

At the Bus Stop

Riding on the Grey Transit Route

1.        Be at your stop five minutes early and check when your bus will arrive at:

2.        Please let people exit the bus before you enter.

3.        Be respectful of customers, drivers and all GTR staff members.

Signaling a GTR bus when travelling in the City of Owen Sound, The Town of Blue Mountains and the Town of Orangeville

If you are travelling with GTR in the City of Owen Sound, The Town of Blue Mountains or the Town of Orangeville, you must signal the bus to alert the driver that you are waiting for the GTR bus. Otherwise, the driver will assume you are waiting for the local transit system bus.

If the bus approaching is not your GTR bus, take a step back to inform the driver that you are not waiting for that bus.

Please be sure to signal the bus in plenty of time to allow the driver time to safely stop.

Don’t Chase the Bus

Please do not chase the bus, for the safety of everyone, drivers are not allowed to let passengers on the bus once it has left the stop. Please be at your stop at least five minutes early.


On the Bus

Priority Seating

Please allow customers with disabilities, or mobility devices, elderly or pregnant women to board the bus first. Priority seats on all GTR buses have been reserved for customers with disabilities only. You must vacate these seats for customers with disabilities.

No - Smoking, Vaping, Cannabis & Alcohol

Smoking, vaping and the consumption of alcohol or cannabis products are not permitted on any GTR bus, in bus shelters or at bus terminals.

No - Hazardous Substances Allowed

Toxic, flammable or hazardous substances are not permitted on any GTR bus, in bus shelters or at bus terminals.

Travelling with:

A Backpack

When seated, place the backpack on your lap. Backpacks should not prevent another customer from being seated. 

Strollers and Bulky Items

Strollers, buggies and large bulky items are only allowed when there is space and it does not affect fellow riders. Customers must be able to carry their own items on and off the bus. For the safety of all customers, the aisles must not be blocked.

A Service Animal

A Service Animal is any animal trained for the purpose of accompanying a person with a disability, including a visually impaired or hearing-impaired person. If the animal is not wearing a vest or harness that identifies it as a Service Animal, the customer must show the driver official documentation from a regulated health professional confirming that the animal is being used for reasons relating to their disability. The customer is responsible for the behaviour of the Service Animal and ensuring it does not cause a disturbance or threaten the safety of others.


Riders can consume snacks while on board the GTR. All food and drinks should be contained, and all waste must be taken off the bus and disposed of appropriately.


Listening to music with earphones is permitted, if the volume is at an acceptable level and does not disturb fellow riders or the driver.

Sports Gear

Wearing in-line skates, roller skates, ice skates or use of a skateboard is not allowed on any GTR bus, in bus shelters or at bus terminals. Shirts and shoes must be worn on board buses. 

GTR Service Provider:

Regional Transit Links:

Specialized Transit:

If you have special mobility needs, contact these service providers for information:


If you have questions about the service that are not answered above, please contact Driverseat. For Feedback about your ride, please use the form below. 

For questions about the Grey Transit Route program, please contact:

Stephanie Stewart

Manager of Community Transportation, Grey County
Phone: +1 519-372-0219 ext. 1385



We appreciate your feedback. Please use this form to let us know how we might improve our service. We will review all submissions. Any personal information you provide will remain confidential. The more details you provide, the better we can implement your ideas or investigate your concerns.

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About the Project

Grey County has received $1,850,000 under the Province of Ontario’s Community Transportation Program. Funding will support local and intercommunity transportation projects.