Police Services


Chief Knoll

The Hanover Police Service has 14 police officers, that includes Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, Sergeant and 11 Constables. In addition to the 14 full-time police officers the Service also has 3 part-time Constables to assist with general uniform and patrol duties. The Service also employs administration staff that includes one full-time Special Constable, one part-time Special Constable and one part-time Civilian member who provide operational and administrative support services. 

The Hanover Police Service is committed to investigative excellence and professional community based policing that includes a full range of criminal investigations, drug investigations and traffic investigations. Our members also provide many other policing services to our community with dedicated police officers in Town at all times working constantly to enhance our community safety, security and the well-being of our citizens and visitors.

The Police Services Board, which oversees the Hanover Police Service, will be preparing its Business Plan for the next three years and wants to know what you think of the Hanover Police Service and what policing Hanover should look like.