Public Works


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The Town of Hanover Public Works Department manages, operates, maintains and upgrades the municipal road system, drinking water treatment and distribution systems, storm and wastewater collection systems, recycling and waste management.

Roads & Sidewalks

The Public Works Department is responsible for providing our community with clean and safe travel conditions on the Town’s roads and sidewalks. The Public Works Operations is committed to ensuring safe travel by promptly responding to road emergencies and providing safe, passable streets during weather emergencies. Public Works is also charged with a variety of maintenance services.

The Town of Hanover Traffic By-Law No. 1702-04-03-89 has the following two sections under which violations will be enforced by the Hanover Police Service and the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer

Parking and Snow Removal

  • It is an offence to park a vehicle on any roadway anytime when such vehicle will interfere with snow removal operations.
  • It is an offence to park a vehicle on any roadway between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the months of December, January, February and March

Deposit of Snow on Roadways and Sidewalks

  • Citizens are reminded that the Highway Traffic Act prohibits any person from depositing snow or ice on a roadway.
  • The fine for violation of this offence is $85.00 plus a victim surcharge of $20.00.
  • Please refrain from depositing snow on public sidewalks as it makes it very dangerous for pedestrian traffic.

The two parking violations, as well as the depositing of snow or ice on a roadway violation under the Highway Traffic Act, will be enforced by the Hanover Police Service. Please co-operate with the Department of Public Works staff by keeping your vehicle off the street when it appears that snow clearing will be done and to refrain from depositing snow and ice on the roadway. Citizens are reminded not to deposit snow on public sidewalks as it makes pedestrian traffic very dangerous.


The Town of Hanover has upgraded the streetlight system to energy-efficient, light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights to reduce energy costs and provide a smarter environmental option.

To report a streetlight out please call 519.364.2780. 

Water & Sewer Services

To report a water service problem or for more information, contact the Municipal Office during normal business hours. If the service problem occurs after regular working hours, please contact 519.881.8061 for Dispatch. The dispatcher will immediately contact the Operation Duty Personnel who will respond to your home or business. If you are doing work inside your house where you require your water to be shut off please contact the Municipal Office a minimum of 48 hours before your intend to start your project. Please note, as staff need to schedule this work accordingly we need as much notice as possible to ensure that we can shut off your curb stop.

The customer is responsible for maintaining the sewer main from the street to inside the house. To report a sewer service problem, or for more information please contact the Public Works Department during normal business hours. If the service problem occurs after regular hours, please contact 519.881.8061 for Dispach. The dispatcher will immediately contact the Operation Duty Personnel who will respond to your home or business.

Frozen Water Service Policy 

Hanover Council approved the Frozen Water Service Policy on November 2, 2015. The purpose of the policy is to prevent and manage interruptions to the supply of municipal water caused by the freezing of water service between the building or residence and the water distribution piping. To view the policy please click on the link.

Utility Locates

When excavating to install fences, repair driveways, plant trees, etc., contact Ontario One-Call at 1.800.400.2255 for Town of Hanover water/sewer, Bell, Enbridge Gas, Wightman Telecom, East Link, Hydro One and Westario Power.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

The Public Works Department is responsible for all elements of water and wastewater in the Town of Hanover. Hanover tests water on a weekly basis for e-coli and other forms of bacteria. Hanover also tests for other contaminants such as lead in accordance with provincial standards. Municipal water is the safest water to drink as a result of the extensive testing and sampling it undergoes. All water and wastewater inquiries and concerns should be directed to staff at the Water Treatment Plant or the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Water Quality Reports

Ontario's Drinking Water Systems Regulation (0.Reg.170/03), made under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, requires that the owner of a municipal drinking water system prepare an annual report on the operation of the system and the quality of its water. The annual report replaces the quarterly reports as directed in the previous regulation.

Water Quality Reports are required to be submitted to the Ministry of Environment no later than February 28 of the following calendar year. Reports are also available for viewing at the Town of Hanover Municipal Office, 341 10th Street, Hanover. Any water-related questions may be directed to the Public Works Department

Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program

In Ontario, all municipal drinking water systems that provide water to residences in a community must have a licence from MOE. The ministry's Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program requires owners and operators of drinking water systems to incorporate the concepts of quality management into system operation and management. For a drinking water system to receive its licence, the owner and operator must have in place:

  • a drinking water works permit
  • an accepted operational plan
  • an accredited operating authority
  • a financial plan, and
  • a permit to take water

Hanover/Walkerton Landfill Site

The Hanover/Walkerton Landfill Site services the Town of Hanover and the Town of Walkerton only.

On October 18, 2012, the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) issued an amended ECA number 9704-8YRQA9 for the Hanover/Walkerton Landfill to accommodate the proposed expansion set to begin in Spring/Summer of 2013 with the construction of Cell 1. The expansion consists of the development of four waste Cells with an approved capacity of 411,000 cubic metres within a footprint of 4.1ha. and a total site area of 106.4ha.

Landfill Site Leachate Management Report