Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan

Public Meeting & Workshop #1 - February 15, 2018 Workshop presentation slides.

Public Meeting & Workshop #2 - April 17, 2018 Workshop presentation slides.

In July 2018, Council approved the Hanover Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan. The consulting firm, prc solutions, facilitated the various phases of the master plan process.

The document sets out a vision, strategic objectives and key initiatives to guide our department for the next 15 years, 2019 – 2032. There are 20 objectives and suggested initiatives that have been identified in the principal themes of Healthy Community, Regional Centre and Sustainable Municipal Operations.

For 2019 our focus will include but will not be limited to:

  • Trails - considering trails system expansion and timing particularly in our east end; in town links and signage 
  • Participantion and facility use statistics and data reporting 
  • Working relationship with Brockton and West Grey recreation staff members (we began meeting in September 2018)
  • Policy development and enhancement in the areas of rates and fees, facility allocation and RZone 
  • Support the Cultural Plan process begin lead through Economic Development Committee 
  • Consider adult recreation programming meeds input

Other components of master plan are as follows:

  • Focus on recreation and culture programming needs for all age groups (adult, seniors, tots and youth);
  • Provide support and enhance community partnerships with program service and facility providers throughout the community;
  • Develop policies to standardize municipal processes;
  • Develop standardized operating and service levels for indoor and outdoor facilities; and
  • Improve communications and marketing strategies for all programs and facilities.

Key to the implementation of our master plan initiatives is our community! Our ability to provide diverse programming relies heavily on community organizations and third-party program providers. This not expected to change. The recommendations included in our master plan are reliant on maintaining and enhancing existing relationships and developing community capacity as the primary source of achieving healthy community goals. 

Town of Hanover - Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan