You'll never be bored! Hanover is an exciting place with its three districts; Downtown District, Entertainment District, and Business Park District. With a vibrant downtown, array of dining options, strong retail sector, casino, horse raceway,  a live music and theatre scene, as well as lots of recreational opportunities to keep you busy. 


Hanover Attractions Map 

Things are HIPP in Hanover!

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HIPP Culture

Welcome to our Cultural matchmaker quiz. No, it’s not a dating site, per se. It is, however, a fun way to match your personality type with the cultural attractions within and surrounding Hanover.

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Yes, this is Hanover! As regional centre in Grey County, Hanover prides itself on being a progressive and vibrant community. A hub for services surrounded by a rural landscape, within 90 minutes to major urban centres. It's a great place to be!