Police Services

Hanover Police Service Community Survey

The Hanover Police Services Board is preparing its three year Business Plan as required by the Police Services Act. We are looking for your input about policing in Hanover and how you feel about safety in our community. Your feedback is very important and will help set the priorities and future direction for the Hanover Police Service. Your responses will remain anonymous and all information collected will remain confidential.

You can complete the survey electronically by clicking here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LBH72H6

Paper copies are available at the Hanover Public Library and the Hanover Police Station.

If your first language is Arabic, Hindi or Spanish and you need help to complete the survey, you can contact Grey Bruce Settlement & Language Services, 425 10th Street, Unit 7, Hanover Tel: 519-364-3163 or 519-379-1512.

The Hanover Police Service is committed to investigative excellence and professional community based policing that includes a full range of criminal investigations, drug investigations and traffic investigations. Our members also provide many other policing services to our community with dedicated police officers in Town at all times working constantly to enhance our community safety, security and the well-being of our citizens and visitors.

For information about the Hanover Police Service, visit https://hanoverpolice.ca/

The Hanover Police Service is overseen by the Hanover Police Services Board, a civilian oversight body responsible for the provision of adequate and effective police services in the Town of Hanover. For more information about the Hanover Police Services Board, visit https://hanoverpolice.ca/about-us/police-services-board/