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With funding from the  Age-Friendly Community Planning Grant from the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat, the Town of Hanover undertook an input process in 2015-2016.  At the December meeting, Hanover Council received the Age-Friendly Needs Assessment Report and directed staff to develop a terms of reference for an age-friendly action advisory committee to engage our community in identifying an action and implementation plan to address the needs of our older adults.

The Needs Assessment Report was completed in 2016 in partnership with Dr. John Lewis from the University of Waterloo.  Dr. Lewis has been involved in age-friendly work for the Province and various other communities.  He continues to work with the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat age-friendly portfolio.  Dr. Lewis with the support of his company, Vidya Consulting Inc., and senior planning students from the University of Waterloo, worked with us in developing a needs assessment application, entitled ‘My Community Vision’, conducting focus groups, collecting and analysing data.

 Key Findings and Recommendations

Input received led to the conclusion of recommended key findings in the areas of:

  • public space accessibility
  • social support
  • specialized services
  • information and communication

Recommendations included in the needs assessment are:

  1. Hanover Council receive this age-friendly assessment report.
  2. Council be assisted in addressing the needs of Hanover’s senior residents through the appointment of an age-friendly advisory committee comprising residents, representatives from business, local organizations and elected officials.
  3. The primary task of Hanover’s age-friendly advisory committee be to develop an action plan that prioritizes key action items and identifies the timelines and partner organizations that are required to implement the action items.
  4. The age-friendly advisory committee consider the noted solutions in the report and others to address the needs of Hanover’s older adults and incorporate into an age-friendly action plan.

The Age-Friendly Needs Assessment Report can be viewed in its’ entirety here.

Next step will be to confirm the terms of reference for the advisory committee, recruitment of committee members and establish action plan priorities and timelines.  For more information contact  Sherri Walden | 519.364.2310 x 2123 |